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The troops go over the wall and down the manhole:

The army is a no pussies allowed operation. If you aren’t tough, you have no business being here. If you aren’t strong, you’re going to get weeded out quickly. Today the troops had to get down from the top of a building. No, they couldn’t just walk down the stairs. That’s not an option with a room full of armed lunatic looking to stop you at all cost. Over the walls the maggots went. One by one the boys successfully rappelled down the side of the building. Garcia got cold feet once he got over the wall. Sarge set him straight with a frank talk while he dangled high off the ground. Now that’s motivation you’re not going to get from a fry flipping boss. Back at base camp, Sarge made sure there were no other pussies in the unit. He checked all over, even inside the one cadet’s ass checks. Yup, no pussies there. The Sarge asked some tough questions to make sure he’s weeded out all the weakness with the cadets. When Sarge found out the truth during his questions, he got hard proof there were no more pussies under his command. Just hard men, capable of handling hard things.