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R&R, the Troop Candy way:

Listen up maggots. Today the recruits are going to learn many valuable lessons. Some that might even save their miserable lives. Sergeant caught one of the new recruits taking unapproved R&R on the job. Him and his battle buddy had to give the sergeant a little R&R to make up for it. On to the gas mask training where Sergeant made damn sure them boys know what to do when the enemy decides to get nasty. Once you’ve dealt with Sergeant’s nastiness, the enemy doesn’t seem so tough. After all chemicals attacks, you need to hit the showers. Sergeant made sure those boys got good and clean after their training. While at the showers, Sergeant had the specialist show the new recruits proper R&R techniques. You have to learn the right ways in how to cope with the harsh realities of being a soldier. The new recruits took the demonstration to heart. When it was their turn to show off what they learned, you could just feel their enthusiasm with every thrust. Those boys are gonna do just fine.