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The troops go over the wall and down the manhole

The army is a no pussies allowed operation. If you aren’t tough, you have no business being here. If you aren’t strong, you’re going to get weeded out quickly. Today the troops had to get down from the top of a building. No, they couldn’t just walk down the stairs. That’s not an option with a room full of armed lunatic looking to stop you at all cost. Over the walls the maggots went. One by one the boys successfully rappelled down the side of the building. Garcia got cold feet once he got over the wall. Sarge set him straight with a frank talk while he dangled high off the ground. Now that’s motivation you’re not going to get from a fry flipping boss. Back at base camp, Sarge made sure there were no other pussies in the unit. He checked all over, even inside the one cadet’s ass checks. Yup, no pussies there. The Sarge asked some tough questions to make sure he’s weeded out all the weakness with the cadets. When Sarge found out the truth during his questions, he got hard proof there were no more pussies under his command. Just hard men, capable of handling hard things.


Objective Reached

Today was a special day for these turd blossoms. These maggots got to play paintball so they could learn to move under fire as a cohesive unit. Good training. In fact, they did so well that I gave them some R and R. I even set up a water slide and let them splash around in there skivies. Hell, I even got in on the fun. Then it was time to hit the showers and for ole drill sergeant to get his R and R. I grabbed the first soldier I saw and had him suck my dick. He was good at sucking my cock, but I wasn’t gonna stop there. I just had to get my hard dick in his tight fit ass. More good training.


Mail Day

The Drill Sergeant delivered our mail from home. He decided to open one letter and read it outlaid. It turned out that he opened a letter from my wife, in which she began to tell me her new fantasies. This made the sergeants imagination go wild. He hopped to the opportunity and made me start blowing him and and his second in command. Everyday is a new adventure with the drill sergeant, always getting his way. Later that same week someone fucked up polishing his shoes and he was made to take a dick in the ass. I’m sure he enjoyed it but still, this ain’t what we’re here for.


R&R, the Troop Candy way

Listen up maggots. Today the recruits are going to learn many valuable lessons. Some that might even save their miserable lives. Sergeant caught one of the new recruits taking unapproved R&R on the job. Him and his battle buddy had to give the sergeant a little R&R to make up for it. On to the gas mask training where Sergeant made damn sure them boys know what to do when the enemy decides to get nasty. Once you’ve dealt with Sergeant’s nastiness, the enemy doesn’t seem so tough. After all chemicals attacks, you need to hit the showers. Sergeant made sure those boys got good and clean after their training. While at the showers, Sergeant had the specialist show the new recruits proper R&R techniques. You have to learn the right ways in how to cope with the harsh realities of being a soldier. The new recruits took the demonstration to heart. When it was their turn to show off what they learned, you could just feel their enthusiasm with every thrust. Those boys are gonna do just fine.


Staff Sergeant knows what is best for us.

Sergeant never guides us wrong. If he tells us tomorrow the sun will be green, you can bet the farm, the sun will be green in the morning. Staff Sergeant is not a man to fuck around. If you fight him, you will loose. If you challenge him, you will loose. Cadet Logan challenged Staff Sargent to a weightlifting contest. Big mistake. Staff Sergeant showed Logan his expertise and ease in handling long and hard, big weight. Logan's punishment with Staff Sergeant's meat was a real eye opening experience. It makes you think. Could you handle the Sergeant's big weight if you lose against him? What about the enemy getting in your face? Staff Sergeant made sure we were able to handle the enemy. If they want to shove a cock in our face, we know how to handle it. We’re tough, we can take it.


Extra Training for the Newbies

Got a new flock of some hot recruits in today. They start fucking up right from the beginning. It’s going to fun breaking them in. After they get their buzz cuts, we get them stripped down for a body search. These two some tight bodies, that’s for sure. Next, we them outdoors for some tough physical training and get them nice and sweaty. Back at the base, I let them know how proud i was of their efforts. So, in return, they suck the drill sergeant’s dick real good. Afterward, we get them to fuck each other. Man, these boys put on a fucking show!!


Explosions, failure, and punishment

Maggots, you will learn what it takes to survive in this army and become a real soldier. Today the maggots had to do a simple guard mission. Get the target to it’s destination. Real easy till a bomb explodes. It leaves one puke shaking in their boots so much that they forget what it means to cover the flank. When you fuck up in my army only two things will happen. Either you will be dead or you’re going to suck a dick. Good thing it was a training exercise or else I’d have another soldier to send home to mommie today. That maggot sucked a dick and he’s damn sure never going to fuck up covering the flank again. Since he failed his unit he got to “graduate” to advanced training techniques. He passed with flying colors. All he had to do was give the coordinates, and that little puke wouldn’t give it up. I’ll be damned. Even with a big black cock shoved in his face, this soldier proved he was worthy of defending our great nation. Now the other troops in his squad….while on guard duty, failed. They attempted to run a security check. They did such a piss poor job that they missed an assassin hiding in a trunk. He would have sent them all home to momma in a pine box if this had not been a training situation. What will it take to make these maggots learn not to get themselves killed? A good drill Sargent knows the proper techniques to correct failing soldiers - a threesome. A hot, sticky, and manly threesome. That will train a soldier to stop putting their fellow soldiers in danger.


Good Anal Training

Our Drill Sergeant can be pretty hard on us, but he means well. He’s turning us into soldiers and men. I’d never sucked a dick before, but apparently, that’s what guys in our situation do for each other, among other things. I mean face it, it was either keep cleaning the lavatory with a tooth brush on my hands and knees, or take a couple dicks in my ass and mouth, on my hands and knees. Besides, anything for my fellow soldiers.


Yes Drill Sergeant!!!!!

Our drill sergeant keeps pushing and pushing us. He sometimes goes over board but he just wants us to become great soldiers. The other day, he rushed in our break room, flipped the table in which we were playing cards on and told us we were to get our prostates checked. We all had to drop our pants as he slowly inserted his fingers in our assholes. Later that week he had us partake in a sausage sucking competition. Then as a “prize,” he made us fuck each other. We fucked each other all over our lunch room, meanwhile our drill sergeant was taking it in the ass from his second in command.


Jungle fuck fest

Get up early with the rising sun, run all day till the running’s done! HOORAH! this week we have a new cadet in training camp. knight, this boy is closing , slow and need to learn how to take one for the team. so sarge has something special for him. His big hard cock! And boy knight took it like a champ, even some of the other privates got involved in this jungle fuck fest.


Training the New Recruits

We have a new batch of hot young studs for basic training. We’re going to put then through the ringer for sure. First, we wake their asses up at the break of dawn. They go through reciting the pledges, doing gas attack training and marching exercises, all the buff. Followed by punishment to the slackers. Suck two dicks at the same time, get jizzed on. If they don’t it’s off the pit! Enjoy seeing these recruits pushed to their max.


Fight Club

This week the boys are hosting a fight night in which they take runs oiling up and wrestling in their underwear, the loser of course takes a cock in the ass. Nothing more motivating to get you to win than to not have a cock in you ass right? WRONG! these soldiers love that shit. it was almost like they were trying to lose on purpose if you ask me. haha well good for us they did because it was a treat watching these hardened privets get stuffed with major cocks!


Ass Cheeks Get Spread on the Panangra Canal

On this Troop Candy the guys go on a supply run but stuff gets interesting when the humvee "breaks down" and the guys have their cocks out. All of the new recruits are trying to impress the sarge so we start seeing cocks being sucked and asses getting fucked.


Glory Hole Day of Reckoning

Today is gas chamber day for these new recruits.. We ended up doing the gas chamber drills to see if what they're made of and shockingly enough we all get to see them sucking and fucking to see what type of men they are.


The Troops came ready to party!

Alright so the guys started goofing around today as they did pranks to each other before they started going wild inside the camp. You get to see some of them dancing and wrestling before everything turns sexual. The guys start sucking on each other and they end up fucking, ALL OF THIS in front of the whole camp.


A crazy training day ends with wild sex

So it was hot as fuck today and we had to get the new recruits sweating having them run to the outpost. Had some fun though having them strip down to their skivvies to run the rest of the way back. Needed to train their mouths some too cause they like talking a lot so had them plug it up with officer Cole’s big black cock. Cole got into it a little too much though and had one of them eat his ass seems some of the new recruits were into that sorta thing and started fucking his bro’s.


Time to deal with the fresh meat

So today went to shit when the Sergeant decided to pay us a surprise visit in our tent. We were all relaxing before he came in and started yelling all sorts of shit on our fucking personal time. We all knew he just wanted to feel like a big man, his short ass. Fucker had us strip and do exercises with no pants on, some of us anyways. Motherfucker fucking had us hold each others dicks while we “marched” and had us fuck each other for morale purposes least thats what he claimed. Worst was Jensen taking Alex’s big dick in his ass. Shit if i knew this was the shit i would have been dealing with i’d have stayed back home.


The Hazing, The Showering and The Fucking

Time to fuck with the fresh meat. Me n the guys decide we will put these little shits through some pain. Going in waking their little asses up and shit. I tell you though they sure got some nice asses i was having some fun and the guys were too. Took them to the showers to clean them off before we had some fun and man can these guys suck a good dick.


Taking the recruits on their first run

The guys are out for the first time and the guys in charge decide its time to let recruits loose in the wild. Get to see how the new and naked recruits get by in their first time in the jungle before they start going crazy in an amazing orgy. Watch some recruits get punished, give blowjobs and getting their ass fucked.


The Troops are wild!

This is a series of clips I’ve started recording here during my time in the military. A lot of crazy shit goes down in here and I feel like people should get a chance to see it. First, I hid cameras in the guard shack and capture my Sergeant. Every day at 1400 hours he makes me suck his dick. I had to get it on film. Also, I ran into the bathroom for some dick inspection. Hahahaha…. I got kicked out. Shit always goes down when the Sergeant joins for game night. This particular night, he made us play a different sort of game. A game called a threesome!!!!!! From time to time we do get to have some fun out here.